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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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as the storm approaches later tonight, it will increase in coverage and intensity and in some spots it will be heavy. there could be up to 2 inches and even thunderstorms are a possibility. as we take you to the radar, there are showers in the northeast. the main band is taking ship -- shape east of cedar rapids. it will continue to increase in coverage and intensity and be time -- by the time the system moves out, it looks like we could have 1-2 north of highway 20 we could have 1-2 inches of rain north of highway 20 1/2 inch to an inch south of there. is going to be a soaker. there will be rain in the early morning hours and then after that mostly it will move out. temperatures will range in 40s from the north and -- to around 60s in the south and about 57 here in cedar rapids. scott. cedar rapids businesses cleaning up from the flood will
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bags. reporter joe huisinga is live to tell us what can be done with them .>> reporter: scott , there are only two free drop- off sites left and only one day is left to use them. for businesses who cannot get here in time, there are community organizations working to find other solutions. there are reports that businesses would be fined for sandbags left behind. we reached out and the reports the city has no intention of finding any business for sandbags that of -- that remain. they organized the drop-off sites because they and the city understand that businesses and individuals are going through a hard time and they are more interested in solving problems than in handing out penalties. the economic alliance says that
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are encouraging them to take them to the free drop-off sites. >> it is business as usual and there is a push right now to get the very last of things cleaned up and get the entire community really looking great. >> reporter: one of the last drop-off sites is here at kingston village under the i- 380 overpass between second and third avenue. that is across from the linn the other site is on the other side of the river between quaker oats and cargil at the old power plant site. covering the corridor or and cedar rapids, i am joe huisinga , cbs 2 news we have new information about a car that slammed into a school bus on monday afternoon. it was on highway 151 in springville about 3:30. the driver of the car, 20 six-
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tipton police are trying to figure out how a truck wound up backing into a local bank. it happened at the citizens bank on cedar street at about noon today.a bank teller tells cbs 2 news - a customer who the crash. at the citizens bank on cedar street at about noon today. a customer backed in to the wall and hit the teller station. nobody inside the bank was hurt and the condition of the drivers unknown tonight. west nile virus woman from iowa. the first death from mosquito borne illness since 2010. there are three confirmed cases of west nile in the state. mosquitoes are most active at this time of year and the best way to protect yourself is to use impact respelling -- repellent containing deet. the cost of obama care is expected to soar next year.
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before. in phoenix, arizona, some customers could pale -- to pay 116% more. others could see an increase of 25%. republican candidate donald trump said it is more evidence that obama care is blowing up and he believes premiums will balloon even higher. that number is so wrong. it's such a you were talking 60%-80% increases. >> reporter: it is expected to hit 16% of the people who shop on the federal exchange. the consumers won't feel impact if they have's tax subsidies with rising premiums. that brings us to the question of the day. do you think obama care is good for the country? to weigh in, you can go to our
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reached in the volkswagen admissions cheating scandal. a federal judge approved a $15 billion deal today. buybacks start next week. earlier this year the automaker admitted cheating on admissions and putting dirty cars on the road. customers are also eligible for cash payment of up to $10,000. although highly controversial, that ohio access pipeline is pumping money into the economy. construction workers visit hotels, restaurants and other businesses. the state is expected to see a 628 million-dollar boost along the pipeline's construction. once complete, the pipeline will cut across 18 iowa counties and pump oil to illinois every day. world series, meet for game's chicago and cleveland and loyal cubs fans in the corridor plan to be out to celebrate in style. 2 news anchor matt hammill joins us live from marion with
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???????? if you own a bar called wrigley-ville - - you better be ready for a crazy evening - - we were just inside - and they're set to . celebrate. and it appears a lot of fans will be wearing cubbie blue.this afternoon we stopped in at fanzz - - in lindale mall..the manager tells us - he barely got the merchandize out of the boxes - befo grabbed hats - hoodies - - and shirts . " this morning we opened the door at ten in the morning and there was already people waiting outside for the stuff. the cubs stuff was supposed to be overnighted and supposed to be here by 10:00 .. it got here at 10:12 and we had people waiting so it was pretty nuts." nuts."much more on the cubs craziness .. and the fans of wrigleyville - - for game one of the world series -
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hammill cbs2 news. with the holiday season approaching, the crisis center of johnson county's project holiday campaign is now underway. right now,the non-profit is accepting monetary donations to help ensure that needy families don't go hungry. this marks the 29th year of the campaign. last year, the non-profit fed four-thousand people and just under 18- hundred families.but it goes hungry. this is the 29th year of the campaign. last year they felt fort -- fit 4000 people and 1800 families, but it goes deeper than that. >> it's more than feeding people, it's about bringing people together over the holidays. family tradition start around the table and this is a way that they wouldn't be able to afford their own meal. >> reporter: food will be distributed to families right
6:08 pm how one company is working to keep families warm this winter when we come back. a storm producing rain anything thunderstorms to the
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it's heartbreaking, but true. as a millionaire c.e.o., rod blum laid off over 70 employees, but he took millions in stock and bonuses. it gets worse. in washington, blum supported special tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas and millionaires like himself. i'll tell you what i think is missing in washington -- common sense. it's about investing in jobs and our economy. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. tomorrow on cbs 2 news - you've heard of the explosive devices - with those malfunctioning lithium ion batteries - now find out the new tool being consider - to stop the smoke and flames. plans to create housing for the homeless sparked some heated debate at today's cedar rapids city council meeting.
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?stop? the housing project... but the city council still had to vote on it today.inside the council chambers -- standing ro plans to create housing for the homeless created a heated debate at the city council meeting. there were more than 500 signatures on a petition to stop the project, but the city council still had the vote. it was standing room only as issues were revisited. neighbors say they are concerned about traffic issues, sewer runoff and school capacity as a major issue. those who support the issue say it is not the aesthetic story apartment complex, they say helping the homeless population is more important. they are currently discussing the pros and cons of this project. they're working to keep homeowners -- home omers warm -- homeowners warm. mellaney moore has more.
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to start thinking about turning the heat on. iowa city working to help residents save on their heating bills. local experts say the phones are ringing off the hook avs local residents major their heating system is ready for winter. >> it's when be a busy signet is an -- as local residents make sure their heating system is ready for winter. >> they are the phones go. >> replacing their heating system, air-conditioning, insulation, windows, anything that has to do with keeping the home worn. -- warm.>> reporter: they may be get eight -- be able to get a zero interest loan and there are also partial loans and loan forgiveness. >> if a homeowner is in a targeted neighborhood, half of the loan over a full five-year
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reporter: the city wants residents to be safe and comfortable in their homes. there are things you can do to make your furnace's job easier. make sure your fence are clean and the events are clear -- your fence -- vents are clean and clear. >> when you turn it down and then turn it back up, the furnace has to >> reporter: if you are interested in the program, you should apply as soon as possible. we have more information on our website, covering the corridor and our city, mellany moore , cbs 2 news have you switched on the heat this year? >> just a couple of times to take out the chill. we do have some good things temperature wise in the next couple of days.
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a storm bringing rain to the area. it is showing up on the radar and will be here shortly. the current temperature is 51 and there are a lot of clouds in the sky here in cedar rapids. the wind is out of the east at 25 miles per hour. actually a pretty broad afternoon around eastern part of the state. here is a look at the current temperatures. 48 in decorah and dubuque in monticello and charles city. warmer to the southeast where it is 53 in tama and the same at iowa city. as we go to the radar, there are shower showing up in wisconsin. those grazed northeastern iowa. then increasing to the west of us we are noting thunderstorms. as we get to northeastern iowa, you can see the precipitation is in wisconsin and off to the west from oelwein back to waterloo. then to the southwest you can
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there is more out here around the tama area and two aims. this will expand -- and into aims iowa -- ames, iowa. there will be more around tonight and tomorrow morning. the storm system is getting organized here in nebraska and that is scooping up moisture and throwing it into the cooler air over northeastern iowa. that has clouds. we expect a line of showers cut through the heart of the viewing area. by 11:00 that will lift north easton you can see we get a break here at 1:00 in the morning except in the far north and northeast.
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and thunderstorms is expected and some of these will produce locally heavy rain as well. i think the rain will taper off quickly by midmorning hours tomorrow. you can see on the model that if you get into the northern counties, especially from highway 20 to the north, the rain totals are from 1 1/2-2 inches. in the southern counties, the rain amounts will be half inch to three quarters of an inch. a higher rain amounts will be north of highway 20 with this particular system. by tomorrow morning, you can see temperatures in most areas will be in the 40s. then it works its way through southeastern iowa and it will warm to lower 60 s. to the upper 40s north. there would be a big range and temperatures and we will highlight that for you in the forecast. tonight we have cloudy skies with rain developing and thunderstorms around. temperatures range from the lower 40s in the north to the lower 50s in the south. tomorrow 64 in washington and 46 in decorah. 51 in waterloo and 57 in cedar
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during the morning hours and tapering off by the afternoon. then after that, the temperatures warm back up to 74 on friday and hold in the 70s through saturday. a little cool down on sunday and for halloween ahead of 74. coming up in sports, jeremy morgan with a great preseason award. the trojans are next on cbs 2. different way of reporting results.((finnigan))"certain states are super super fast with their resultsa& some are better some are worse. new hampshire is going to take a long time to count their votes."the race won't candidate gets 270 electoral votes. but based on how candidates are doing in the states that are first to report results you may be able to start solidifying your drinking plans ((finnigan))"by the 8pm hour you have numbers from north carolina coming in, ohio coming in, pennsylvania coming in, the rest of new hampshire coming in and you start to move your way to the west."pay attention to see if trump struggles in non- traditional swing states like georgia and indiana. if he is struggling to lock them up early you could be free to hit the bars.((finnigan))"see how long it takes for the state of
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trump is already in trouble." and certain counties in swing states can tell you a lot about where a state is headed. ((finnigan))"in florida you are going to want to watch the i-4 corridora& in pennsylvania you can narrow it down to a few countiesa& chester county, delaware county, montgomery county and bucks."those are all counties republicans need to win in order to capture the statea& and those are states trump will need in order to win the white house.if trump falters in these counties?it could be a quick night.but even if it's clear early on who will win- this won't be the quickest election to be called. ((finnigan))so this would be earlier than the last early we're not talking about 1980 where nbc called it for ronald reagan around like 8:15"
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sometimes, maybe it's worth listening to a politician. on social security, blum doesn't just back the republican special interest agenda-- he's campaigning on it. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum supported benefit cuts by voting to raise social security's retirement age. so if you care about a secure retirement, listen to rod blum: he's putting your security at risk. house majority pac is responsible
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for just the third time in school history -- the missouri their preseason player of the year -- and that man -- is this is their time in school history that the valley has named a pantry -- a panther as their player of the year. none other than jeremy morgan. he led in steals and blocked shots and just over 11 points and rebounds per game. "jeremy's ready... he's ready
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seen at different times how good of a basketball player he is and now we are going to get an opportunity to see more of it. he knows that he's going to be counted on to do more, he's excited about it and as i said from a coaching staff standpoint we are excited for him. so again.. we are very proud of what jeremy has done, very proud of who he is." is."as a team -- the panthers are picked to finish 3rd in the valley -- behind wichita state and illinois state -- the 2 time defending valley tournament champs recived 1 tips off their season november 12th against coe at the mcleod center. the valley preseason poll was also released on the women's side -- and the panthers were picked to finish 2nd -- behind drake -- and madision weekly was tabbed as a member of the m-v-c preseason all conference team -- the former benton bobcat averaged nearly 18 points per game last season -- and is tanya warren's only returning starter iowa state is back from their bye week -- and ready to get back to work -- the cyclones haven't won a big 12 game
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season -- and haven't won a game since september 24th of this season but none of that is being talked about in ames -- with matt campbell it's all about sticking to the process and that means -- improving on converting on third down -- where i-s-u is ranked 2nd to last in the conference -- and continuing to be excellent in the redzone. "just stay the course to be honest with you... we haven't talked about winning since i've been here to be honest with you... to me we are built right now that we stay the course to be honest with you. we haven't talked about winning games since i have been here to be honest with you. to me, we are built right now that we have to win critical situations. we have to do a great job up- and-down and in the red zone. it is the difference between success and not success for us. saturday the panthers offense had a lot of success with eli done. 418 yards and two scores in his
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oiled machine. that doesn't mean he will be the starter moving forward with aaron bailey getting healthy. the door is left open for who will be the starting quarterback come saturday.>> i will make the choice as i go on. seriously i will. aaron was hurt a little bit in the previous two weeks. monday is not over and i will decide monday or tuesday or somewhere in there. i just want to see what north dakota state does before i make
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there is the radar and there is the rain now rapidly developing. it will be passing through as we go through the evening hours. it will be on and off through tomorrow. by the afternoon it will be pretty much gone. only in the 40s in the northern
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it's heartbreaking, but true. as a millionaire c.e.o., rod blum laid off over 70 employees, but he took millions in stock and bonuses. it gets worse. in washington, blum supported special tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas and millionaires like himself. i'll tell you what i think is missing in washington -- common sense. it's about investing in jobs and our economy.
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new brad/angelina divorce damage. will they quit hollywood and is angie moving the kids out of the country? >> and a side of oprah never seen before. >> right now. think about it. >> a private crisis for the first time on four secrets from james corden karaoke with lady gaga. >> do not ccll. this never happeeed before ? ga, ga ? >> and a sneak peek on the all-female "oceans" movie. >> whatever george knows i want. >> and a lot of masculine


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